Happy Family 4D


This animated shortfilm is a spin off of the Happy Family feature film and takes place in the theme park Europa-Park. It is about the family having a ride on the Europa-Park ghost train but it appears to be not the ride they expected.
The shortfilm is a cooperation between Mack Media and Ambient Entertainment.

I worked for Ambient Entertainment on this project as part of the set and environment department. I was responsible for modeling and setlayout/-dressing e.g. the battie roller coaster or the previz of the ghost train set which you can see in the trailer below.


Title: Happy Family 4D

Project: Europa-Park 4D Shortfilm

Year: 2016

Production Time: 6 month

Tasks: Modeling, Setlayout/-dressing

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Arnold

Employer: Ambient Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)