The Stray Dog

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All species have declined by 52% in the past 40 years. (Living Planet Index, WWF)

This film was produced together with Irina Moroz in our 6th semester of media design at the university of applied sciences and arts Hanover, Germany. It is about the massive extinction of animal species on our planet using expamles of a bear, tiger and fulmar.

I was responsible for the bear concepts, modeling, rigging and shading as well as his lighting, animation, simulation, rendering and compositing. I also did the pipeline development and the sound design on some shots.
Isabel Dubrownik helped us out in the sound design for the fulmar shots.


Title: Geomatic

Project: Animated Shortfilm

Year: 2015

Production Time: 4-5 month

Tasks: Concepts, Pipeline Development, Scripting, Modeling, Rigging, Shading, Simulation, Animation, Rendering, Compositing, Editing, Sound Design

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Arnold, Photoshop, Premiere, Nuke, Python