Secret of Mau The Cat


"Conni - Secret of Mau The Cat" is the first animation feature film of the well-known character "Conni".

I had the chance to work on this movie in the final lighting, rendering and compositing stage as a technical director. The biggest challenge was developing a workflow to light, render and comp the scenes including the toon shader and at the same time finding a nice look that did not take too much time to generate to meet the tight deadline of this project.

My main tasks were developing pipeline tools and scripts that would help the artists get their work done more efficiently, fixing technical issues and challenges along the way and creating the final look in compositing in collaboration with the art director and lead lighting artist.


Title: Conni - Secret of Mau The Cat

Project: Feature Film

Year: 2020

Production Time: 1-2 Years

Tasks: Technical Direction, Shading/Lookdev, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Pipeline Development

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Solidangle Arnold, Blackmagic Fusion

Employer/Client: Traumhaus Studios GmbH